the power of words

artist’s story
sharlene leong is a singapore-born storyteller. she has a passion for design, a love for words, and music being second nature.
no one knows when did she started the journey of being intrigued by words. for the longest time, she has been collecting quotes,
creating words and phrases, rewording them, listening to the meaning behind each word or sentence,
and expressing thoughts with words morphing into visuals, onto anywhere possible for my ink to go, legally.
she remembers bringing a book around, asking close friends to ink their random thoughts on it, which she sometimes decipher after.

unknowingly, words have been a huge part of her career, her life.
she has been incorporating the power of words (physically and/or mentally) into her visuals, illustrations and/or creations.
many times, drawing words and phrases of her thoughts and experiences that she has collected for more than 10 years,
allowing words to bring out the best of her. through words and visual communication, each innovative creation (be it arts or design),
aims to create a visceral effect on the audience, get in touch with the inner-self and translating what the inner thoughts have to say, visually.

truly believing that the power of words could make or break you,
she wrote ‘words are the timeless beauties; they tell a thousand stories, deliver your purpose,
speak the heart and build character. the play and interaction of words amuse me, hence the power of words my love.’

by remaining hungry for the love for words, and to bring forth the power of words,
and founded #wordYourStory. start breathing the power of words my friend, as this is her story.

exhibition details
venue: raffles city shopping mall, L1 (beside rolex)
postal code: 179103 (mrt: cityhall)
dates: 1 – 30 april 2017, 10 – 10pm
showcase: original artworks and book