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march – april 2019

“It isn’t where you came from, it’s where you’re going that counts.”
– Ella Fitzgerald
you don’t only live once, but live every day every moment.
so live each moment to the fullest and make it count!
it’s an honour to be one of the sponsors for the ‘jazz association singapore’ charity gala dinner,
where my artwork is sold during the silent auction!
thanks to the buyer for your kind support in jazz and my art!

march – april 2018

launch of ‘spring embroidery‘ in ‘longfor paradise walk’ in china chongqing.

july – october 2017

launch the opening ceremony of ‘pink city’ in ‘landmark riverside park’ in china chongqing.
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june – october 2017

it is an honour to be part of the 10th anniversary of the world’s largest elephant parade art exhibition in netherlands!

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april 2017

the story of our founder: the power of words
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february 2017

book and artworks: inspired by love by sharlene leong.
love stories and experiences are expressed through poems and artworks.
solo exhibition showcasing a series of artworks that are featured in the book.
an inspiring love journal (available in store) you can keep as your own or give as a gift to spread love.

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december 2016

because it is Christmas,
eBook: “inspired by love” is available for free download
for a limited 3 days (23rd, 24th, 25th dec 2016) only.
click buy now on amazon kindle!

november 2016

book: “inspired by love” is now available in store!
love is a dictionary full of everything.
poetries, artworks and quotes that motivates and encourage.
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july 2016

to celebrate the 22nd anniversary of liberation of rwanda,
we have created an artwork to celebrate the excellent bilateral relations between singapore and rwanda.
91cmWx46mH_150dpi_BilateralRelationsoriginal artwork: bilateral relations | acrylic and ink on canvas | size: 91cmW x 46cmH x 4cm thick

april 2016

we are encouraging you to use the power of words wisely.
join the fun by simply creating your own words of art at our interactive art installation at the affordable art fair!
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march – april 2016

march 2016 marks the 1st anniversary of mr lee kuan yew.
in this rememberingLKY 1st anniversary tribute solo exhibition,
we would like to continue remembering mr lee as a legendary and admirable figure.
including an interview segment on ‘remembering lee kuan yew, a nation remembers’
by channel news asia via this link on our facebook page.

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february 2016

view the full interview with our founder,
Sharlene Leong on her POPart solo exhibition on our facebook page!capture*click on image to expand details.

the POPart series and campaign have been refreshed and expanded into a POPart solo exhibition!
our founder and visual communicator, Sharlene Leong will exhibit over 25 artworks
in ION Art gallery where it features the legendary and the remembered,
from Mr Lee Kuan Yew, to Mahatma Gandhi, to Albert Einstein and more.
celebrate each festive without forgetting the less privileged.
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january 2016

in addition to our POPart series, we have launch a campaign to help raise funds for food from the heart.
let not the needy go hungry while you feast, and grant a child a birthday gift today! donate now!
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december 2015

for a limited time only!
customise your artwork without forgetting the less privileged!
simply email us a quote to be inked and an image to be painted,
collect it 3-5 days later!web_PopArt_01b*click on image to expand details.

do you know?

we are engage with projects ranging from the art & design to the graphic & advertising?
you could also check out our facebook and/or instagram for updates.

october 2015

join us for a sharing session organised by #loveLASALLE open night,
as sharlene leong shares how she gets involved with community projects, and what keeps her going strong!

venue: lowercase cafe (lasalle college of the arts)
date: 23rd oct 2015
time: 7.30pm
october 2015

due to an overwhelming response at our group exhibition,
we have extended the quotes inspired series of ‘rememberingLKY’ by sharlene leong at ‘capitol plaza’ with more inspiring pieces.
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august 2015

some artworks from our ‘rememberingLKY‘ exhibition has been moved to
the best of you‘ pre-launch exhibition in ‘the star vista’ from the 10th – 16th aug, 11am – 9pm.
check them out before they unite back at our extended exhibition in ‘one raffles place in sept!
august 2015

it is not our birthday, but our nation’s birthday.
we are not 50 years old, but our nation is 50 on the 9th of aug.
we have come so far with lots to say and lots to appreciate.
lets celebrate this beautiful and colourful long weekend from 7th – 10th aug into singapore’s birthday!
happy 50th birthday singapore! you are loved!
august – september 2015

‘instinc’ will kick start the national day week with ‘rememberingLKY’ exhibition
from 7th – 9th aug 2015 at ‘instinc’ Soho,
followed by an extended exhibition from 14th – 25th Sep 2015 by ‘word your story’
at ‘one raffles place atrium’, in conjunction with the SG50 celebrations.
this is a collaboration of 10 artists to commemorate the legacy of our beloved leader,
who in his lifetime, has devoted his life daily to a vision of a better singapore.

featuring artists from different visual disciplinary,
audrey yang, clover chan, chang hui-fang, eunice lim, tan lishan, pamela ng, pepper see,
sharlene leong, yeo shih yun and zo fan, are very proud to present this series of artworks
through interpretation of mr. lee kuan yew and his legacy.
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july 2015

join us for a massive painting, co-creation with residents and friends.
imagine painting on more than 50 canvases, where each measures around 3m x 1.7m!
registration is free. happening on the 4th of july sat at ‘the frontier community club’!
april 2015

it is our privilege to be part of chairity 2015 – arts and design against cancer.
a showcase of works by artists illustrating their stories on an armchair.
all proceeds will be donated to children’s cancer foundation.
public exhibition will be held at maya gallery singapore from 2nd to 10th may 2015.
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march 2015

we Thank You our founding father.
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march 2015

it is the time of the year again!
where huge easter eggs were created to celebrate sentosa harbourfront business association’s the great egg-venture!
if you like my ‘HAPPY’ egg timer, please click ‘like’ here (on my egg) to cast your votes from the 14th march till 5th april.
keep calm and vote for ‘HAPPY’, the egg timer! thank you! 😀
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november 2014

we will at the ‘creative market’ at the plaza of the national library on the 22nd of november from 11-5.30pm.
we will be having a 15mins stage time to talk about what we do at ‘word your story’.
do also check out the selected printed poster of artwork ‘life’s rules’ at B1 of the library.

october 2014

stand a chance to win this a5 artwork as you state which piece of artwork inspires you the most at ‘the power of words’ exhibition and why.
remember to add hashtags #thepowerofwords #wordyourstory on your public instagram or on our facebook page.
contest ends 19th oct 10pm. good luck!
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october 2014

meet the artist session:
lets do an impromptu Q&A session, and of course, you could ask about price too! 😀
A0 The Power of Words preview*click on image to expand details.

october 2014

win and enjoy privileges at ‘the power of words’ exhibition:
* win an a5 artwork when you state which artwork inspires you the most and why on word your story’s facebook page or
on your public instagram with hashtags #wordyourstory #thepowerofwords.
* flash your ocbc arts platinum card & nric to enjoy 5% off limited edition art pieces with a min. purchase of $500.
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august – september 2014

the process of igniting words into an exhibition promoting positivity through ‘the power of words’.
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july 2014

happy first anniversary to the beautiful couple! glad to be part of the creation of your wedding banner!

may 2014

yeah! proud to be one of the winner for re-creating a matte pink daw chair under the collaboration of
‘fred lives here’ and the ‘affordable art fair singapore’.
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may 2014

awesome fun to be at the great egg-venture closing ceremony held in universal studio singapore
with minister khaw boon wan, friends and families during a happy mother’s day!combine01*click on image to expand details.

may 2014

our little way of saying happy mother’s day!
cheers to the power of all mothers!
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may 2014

it feels good to be part of the 100th feature exhibition.
100% of the sales proceeds of the a5 artworks will be donated to ‘the red pencil humanitarian mission’.
a collaborative project between the red pencil foundation and the affordable art fair.
do your bit for charity!

april 2014

it is an honor to ink on an easter egg of 15cm height for the guest-of-honor minister chan chun sing with the ‘story of a beautiful easter’,
as a token of appreciation presented during the opening of the great egg-venture in sentosa!combine02*click on image to expand details.

april 2014

do drop by the traders’ market (artisan pop up easter edition) at clarke quay central fountain square!
we will be having have a booth there to keep calm & easter on! ;D

18th fri & 19th sat, from 5pm-11pm
20th sun, from 1pm-7pm
venue: clarke quay central fountain square

april 2014

we are egg-cited about the exhibition of 100 giant easter eggs of 1.5m height each, all around sentosa harbourfront precinct!
being one of the creator, the ‘story of the easter garden’ is born after 12 hours of creation!
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april 2014

thank you culture push for the banner shuffle on your website for the month of april! 😀

april 2014

we will be at the artisan market this weekend! come check out the chosen 26 canvas that are going off at more than 50% discount!
• 12th sat & 13th sun
• 11am – 7pm
• esplanade waterfront (opposite makansutra)
Public-EDM (31st March)

april 2014

check out the fun we had with our founder inking on tiles to be given away free at the arts house’s open house!
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april 2014

yeah! it is april! the founder will be at the arts house’s open house on the 5th & 6th of april!
to ink your word on a piece of tile, for you to bring home or pass to someone special. a new way to word your story.
drop by to say hi from 3pm – 5pm on both days!

march 2014

some tiles that we are preparing for the next workshop!
stay tuned! 😉

january – february 2014

as we go easy on the environment for packaging with boxes and cloths (instead of plastic bags) for ‘the chosen 26 canvas’,
check out the final product packed, tagged with words/phrases that are inked on each product for delivery!

january – february 2014

we have launched the 26 canvases with 2d & 3d creations specially priced,
and available for sales on our website under stories, 26 canvases.
with highlights of sales proceeds retained and extended till end of February 2014.combineJan*click on image to expand details.

november 2013

yoo-hoo! we are featured on culturepush’s project plug!
embark on a journey with word your story, where stories of the individuals advance onto a whole new level!works01*click on image to expand details.

october 2013

cool that word your story has been featured by the daily type on instagram.
let your unique stories take shape as related words and phrases of individual stories are inked into any form or medium.
iphoneCombine*click on image to expand details.

october 2013

dover park hospice collaborated with lasalle college of the arts
to hold an arts exhibition as part of their efforts to raise public awareness for the hospice movement.
we are honored to be one of the selected 35 out of 300 doves to be exhibited.
word your story’s ‘dove for love’ was auctioned and sold for charity, with proceeds to dover park hospice.
do your part for the society, more doves are available for charity.

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september – october 2013

word your story is honored to be IdN World’s pick of the month (singapore).
‘love for words’ is a framework about the power of words.
words are the timeless beauties; they tell a thousand stories, deliver your purpose, speak the heart and build character.
the play and interaction of words amuse wordyourstory in creative ways, hence inking typography is her forte.10c*click on image to expand details.