here are some messages that we would like you to know.
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january 2021
i will be on board the World Dream Cruise on the 24th January 2021! 
as i believe that words could make or break you,
i will be featuring artworks that engage the audience,
and hold 3D word art workshops that promotes positivity! 
looking forward to see you at the Power of Words event!

december 2019
i am Asia’s Most Unfortunate Traveler!
check out how I went from being unfortunate to fortunate through
My Travel Diary Series for NBC Universal and Sompo Asia in Japan! 
full videos are available on both mine and E Entertainment Facebook!

september 2019
a farewell gift, a portrait of paul kagame, the president of rwanda, presented to the high commissioner of rwanda after a great four years in singapore! thank you for your support and friendship! we will see you again in rwanda, east africa!

june – august 2019
had fun engaging residents to celebrate singapore’s bicentennial!
we even managed a selfie with our prime minister lee hsien loong,
during its ndp carnivals!
organised by passionarts, people’s association of singapore
and ministry of culture, community & youth!

march – april 2019
“It isn’t where you came from, it’s where you’re going that counts.”
– Ella Fitzgerald
you don’t only live once, but live every day every moment.
so live each moment to the fullest and make it count!
it’s an honour to be one of the sponsors for the Jazz Association Singapore
charity gala dinner, where my artwork is sold during the silent auction!
thanks to the buyer for your kind support in jazz and my art!

march – April 2018
honoured to be invited to launch the Spring Embroidery in
Longfor Paradise Walk in china chongqing.

july – october 2017
honoured to be invited to launch the opening ceremony of Pink City in Landmark Riverside Park in china chongqing.

june – october 2017
it is an honour to be part of the 10th anniversary of the
world’s largest elephant parade art exhibition in netherlands! 

april 2017
the story of our founder

feb 2017
book and artworks: inspired by love by sharlene leong.
love stories and experiences are expressed through poems and artworks. 
a solo exhibition showcasing a series of artworks
that are featured in the book. 
an inspiring love journal (buy now) you can keep
as your own or give as a gift to spread love.

july 2016
to celebrate the 22nd anniversary of liberation of rwanda,
we have created an artwork to celebrate the excellent bilateral relations between singapore and rwanda. 

april 2016
use the power of words wisely.
join the fun by simply creating your own words of art at
the interactive art installation at the affordable art fair!

april 2016
march 2016 marks the 1st anniversary of Mr Lee Kuan Yew. 
in this rememberingLKY 1st anniversary tribute solo exhibition,
i would like to continue remembering Mr Lee as a legendary
and admirable figure. 

 feb 2016
catch the interview of the Sharlene Leong on her
POPart Solo Exhibition on Word Your Story facebook!

 oct 2015
a sharing session organised by #loveLASALLE open night,
where sharlene leong shares how she gets involved
with community projects, and what keeps her going strong!
venue: lowercase cafe (lasalle college of the arts)
date: 23rd oct 2015
time: 7.30pm

aug 2015
it is our nation’s birthday!
Singapore is 50 on the 9th of aug.
we have come so far with lots to say and appreciate.
lets celebrate this beautiful and colourful long weekend from 7th – 10th aug into Singapore’s birthday!
happy 50th birthday singapore! you are loved!

april 2015
happy to be able to contribute to CHAIRITY Arts & Design Against Cancer.
a charity auction where designed chairs are auctioned,
with all net proceeds donated to Children’s Cancer Foundation.

april 2014
it is an honor to ink on an easter egg for the guest-of-honor
minister chan chun sing with the Story Of A Beautiful Easter,
as a token of appreciation during the opening of the
great egg-venture in sentosa!

oct 2013
dover park hospice collaborated with lasalle college of the arts to hold an arts exhibition as part of their efforts to raise public awareness
for the hospice movement.
being one of the selected 35 out of 300 doves to be exhibited,
Dove For Love was auctioned for charity,
with proceeds to dover park hospice.
do your part for the society, more doves are available for charity.

sept – oct 2013
Love For Words is honored to be IdN world’s pick of the month (singapore)!
a framework about the power of words.
the founder’s motto:
“words are the timeless beauties; they tell a thousand stories,
deliver your purpose, speak the heart and build character.
the play and interaction of words amuse me in creative ways.”