to her, words are the timeless beauties; they tell a thousand stories,
deliver your purpose, speak the heart and build character.
the play and interaction of words amuse her in creative ways,
hence inking typography is one way she expresses her love for words.

in this creation through art & design,
the research of relative words and phrases about words are inked onto the framework W.O.R.D.S.




both commercial or personal projects vary between the needs and requirements of the individuals.

in the creations where words of your story are illustrated into art pieces, all we need is
• your story or the words and phrases you want us to work with
• your preferred item or product to be customised
where payment is to be made through bank transfer of an initial deposit of 50%,
and the remaining to be made during a meet and greet upon delivery.

in the creations where corporate or commercial requirements are needed,
do drop us an email for us to provide you with a quotation.

every process can be arranged. 🙂