here are some of the many stories we have created
leaning towards art & design.
for individuals, families, collaborative exhibitions, art collaborators,
non-profit organisations, and more.
the essence of your story could be inked and painted on anything.

do drop us an email for an extensive portfolio.
click on images for details of each story.

matrix: our future home mini float: chingay parade 2023 embrace tomorrow

power of words: event on board World Dream Cruise

ndp tile art: singapore national day bicentennial celebration

illuminated merlions: passionarts festival

garden of hearts: passionarts festival

bedok facade art: passionarts festival

baby elephant: personal customisation

spring embroidery: spring festival in china chongqing

pink city: opening launch in china chongqingthe elephant parade: 10th anniversary exhibition in netherlands

the power of words: solo exhibition

book_backcover_shadow_72dpiinspired by love: book and artworks

portraits: personal customisations

FBcover_02rememberingLKY: 1st anniversary commemorative solo exhibition

combine2power of words: affordable art fair installation and workshop

POPart: solo exhibition

Web_toMarry02rememberingLKY: solo exhibition
your stories: personal customisations

01 i destroy to create: chairity for children cancer society

coverPhotoNew_EggHAPPY egg timer: egg hunt for sentosa harbourfront business association

monkeythe power of words: solo exhibition

displayed02 i destroy to create: affordable art fair x fred lives here

06memory lane: personal customisation

easterEgg04the easter garden: sentosa harbourfront business association x lasalle

thatsLifethat’s my life: personal customisation

loveForWordslove for words: IdN world’s pick of the month (for singapore)

dovedove with love: dover hospice care x lasalle

03love story: personal customisation

01four moods xi nu ai le: personal customisation