with a passion for design, a love for words and music being an essential,
sharlene leong graduated from lasalle college of the arts with distinction for diploma in communication design in 2001,
and from birmingham institute of art and design with a scholarship for bachelor of the arts with honors in graphic design in 2002.

she works with the design & advertising industries on multi-disciplinary projects with lee hwa jewellery, piaggio, uob bank and mtv
as an art director and visual communicator for over 10 years. she also initiates and collaborates with industrially known
profit and non-profit organisations like affordable art fair and elephant parade for arts & design as an artist and storyteller.

she was interviewed by channel news asia, the business times, and channel 8 frontline,
with original artworks that were sold out, as she donates part of sale proceeds to charity.

she founded ‘word your story’, looking into a more personal approach towards creativity,
believing in getting in touch with the inner-self and translating what the inner thoughts have to say.
through conceptualising and visual communication,
each innovative creation aims to speak the heart, creating a visceral effect on the audience.

to her, words are the timeless beauties; they tell a thousand stories,
deliver your purpose, speak the heart and build character.
the play and interaction of words amuse her,
hence the power of words is her love.

besides stories that revolve around the power of words,
she is also the author of “inspire by love“, where words morph around the ideology of love.


to combine facts and fantasy, mix arts and science,
deliver your purpose, provide high degree of customisation,
breathe the inspiration with you,
reflect the imagination of your soul, envision your story.


a platform where your unique story takes flight.