word video of engraved memories

two years of engraved memories between two individuals, written into lyrics,
illustrated and composed into a 4.21 minutes video.
background music: ‘what the memories say’ by jason tyrello.

engraved memories

i look forward to a beautiful future
now its gone.
no reasons no why
its jus gone.
i have a song in my heart
but there are no lyrics.
you are important to me
but was of little consequences.
i thought i hate u
but i’m glad it happened.
whatever is the end result
i’m still glad i have known and loved u.
not having a choice
it is already a choice made.

i cried
but there are no tears
i guess it’s bleeding inside.
u have your reasons
why can’t i know the truth.
i rather the truth hurts
than to hurt yet not know why.
at least i odd to know
but i just wasn’t told.
i rather u kill me straight
than torture me without any truth.
must i let you live in my heart
or just let you go.
must i move on
since i invested great love and devotion.
is it moving on
if you still lives in my heart.
i need that higher aspects of life
but i thought it was you.

what i thought was truly fulfilling in life
turns out to be ashes.
i’m in love with you
without a need for reasons why.
you truly loved me
but can only missed me.
am i your happiness
like you were mine.
it just hurts from the inside out
as my eyes turn watery.
though i bleed
i just want you to be happy.