the power of words solo exhibition

presented by: word your story
date: 2nd – 19th Oct 2014
time: 10am – 10pm
venue: print gallery, the arts house

an exhibition promoting positivity through the power of words and the love for typography.
each creation consists of words and phrases that inspires positivity in life.
highlighting aspirations, defining creativity and projecting love as a simple tool to happiness.
aiming to engage and trigger the senses to reflect, ponder and relate on a deeper level.

everyone needs a gentle reminder. the message across is universal and available everywhere, somewhat similar.
it is the expression of each meaning and path taken that differs which works for the individual.
you still move from point A to point B, some would take a longer time frame, some shorter.
through sharlene’s understanding and context,
she project a new way, an ideology, a concept, a solution, or what you deem fit,
to bring forth the story of positivity through the power of words with typography.

artist statement:
sharlene leong is intrigued by words and the powerful messages that words portray.
words are the timeless beauties; they tell a thousand stories, deliver your purpose, speak the heart and build character.
the play and interaction of words amuse her in creative ways, hence inking typography is her love.