i destroy to create

yeah! proud to be one of the winner in 2014 for re-creating a matte pink daw chair under the collaboration of
‘fred lives here’ and the ‘affordable art fair singapore’.

how many times have you given up after a little set back in life?
why not simply destroy to create?
a chair of encouragement and enlightenment to oneself with the mindset of creative positive thinking.
a chair, shaped from a crushed paper, with words ‘I destroy to create’ on its surface.
the stage of self-destruction or anger is never needed.
when in doubt, simply stop, crushed the chair with your butt to vent the anger away.
stare in awe with a change of mindset that everything is choice.
refocus for a renew creative positive thinking to any situation.
a place where one can say ‘i destroy to create!’.