your stories

everyone has a story to tell, what is yours?
stories inked on any 2D or 3D item with its essence.
a literal remembrance of your story.

good fortune: a framework of good fortune: ink on red textured paper

luck: a framework of lucky cat: ink on yellow textured paper

horse: framework of horse: ink on pearlised textured paper
horse: 2d framework of H.O.R.S.E: ink on gold paper flying: 3d airplane: ink on aluminium

human thoughts: 3d ceramic sofa: ink on ceramic
luck: 3d fortune cat: ink on porcelain

luck: 3d fortune cat: ink on resin
life: 3d globe: ink on glass

secret garden: 3d vase heart on canvas: ink on glass and canvas
organic: 3d horse head: ink and paint on polyresin

well wishes: 3d horse message holder: ink on bronze
life glow: 3d lamp: ink on thick transparency raising: 3d horse: ink on jade mix life: 3d hourglass with silver sand: ink on glass life: 3d wooden car: ink on wood